A Small Indie Studio

Effortlessly discover what your friends and locals have to say about every place you go

JàVu is the only local network harnessing the power of Geofencing. JàVu will automatically alert you when you enter a location your friend has posted in. Want to be alerted when something is free nearby? Subscribe to the tag #free and you'll never miss a freebie again. 

Other Features include:

Home page shows all posts closest to you so you can discover the area around you.

A page that pulls all posts from Instagram and Twitter created closest to you

A page that finds all the businesses around you and then pulls all posts from Instagram and Twitter created at that business

A page that find recent events around you and pulls all posts from Instagram and Twitter created at that event

And much more!

What is Hoodoo?

Hoodoo is my attempt at becoming a successful independent developer. This site is to showcase my completed and upcoming projects.

I started programing about 2 years ago when I decided I wanted to make an app. I started with Corona and the Lua language but mostly just messed around with UI things. I then move to Gamesalad which is "codeless" programing. It really taught me the basics of programing and recommend it for anyone interested in learning how to code. 

After I finished my first game with Gamesalad, I found out about the OUYA, an open source micro console targeted at the Indie Community. I immediately wanted to start developing a game for it but couldn't because Gamesalad doesn't port to it. Thats when I found the Unity3D Engine. I spent months on different little projects learning Javascript and then C# but then decided I wanted to make an app instead of a game. 

I dropped Unity and started learning Xcode and Objective-C and came out with JàVu 6 months later. Now I'm back to Unity working on a game called Pil.